The hummingbird is known for its ability to move swiftly, as well as its resilience. It has the ability to change direction quickly and smoothly while remaining a symbol for the lightness of being, the enjoyment of life and being more present. 

This little bird is quick to respond to any demand while remaining playful and energetic in spirit.

These are the values we share at Vermelho.

Why are we here?

We want to create healthier, happier, resilient people who are ready for leading and participating in change and adopting a growth mindset.

What do we do?

We combine contemporary change management principles with tailored resilience  and well-being programs, to encourage swift change and resilient teams within your organisation. 

Our services include:

Employee engagement

Design and implementation of change management projects

Development of tailored  approaches that increase resilience and well-being

Implementing Programs to increase team resilience and trust

Communication strategies

Change readiness and strategy

Executive and Team Coaching

How do we do it?

Change doesn’t have to be scary, boring or stressful. We pride ourselves in bringing the adaptable, swift and fun energy of the hummingbird to you. 

Meet Luisa at Vermelho

Luisa has a passion for leadership, change, community and wellness and is lucky enough to combine her passions in her work everyday. 

She has lived and worked in multiple countries and her management and executive experience has meant she has overseen all aspects of strategy and operations in a variety of enterprise and not-for-profit settings. 
Over the last decade, she has analysed business needs and conducted business process reviews for a number of organisations. She has also led multiple restructures and change projects. 
Previously, Luisa worked as a National Program Manager, State Manager, Chief Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer at a number of organisations.  

Luisa has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Development Studies (Humanities), a Masters in Business Administration and is a Certified Change Practitioner and Resilience Practitioner. Luisa is also a registered Associate Coach with the Wellness Coaching Association.

She  believes her greatest achievements have been born in her passion for fitness, healthy living, and meditation. She combines her wealth of business experience with her passionate enthusiasm for wellness in her work every day. With 16 years’ experience as a leader, Luisa has an affinity for people and seeks out opportunities where she can develop people and businesses to their highest potential. She has presented at conferences in Australia and overseas, has consulted on an offshore project in Cambodia and volunteered on three not-for-profit Boards including the National Board of Nutrition Australia.