Is your team ready for change?

In a period marked by radical disruption and reform, organisations are no longer able to implement modest, continuous level of changes.

But it is possible to have people who are responsive to change.

The success of any transformation requires the engagement and well-being of change fit staff.

Change Readiness

Often managers try to 'Sell' change to people, even though it is not a sustainable strategy for success. Teams often become suspicious and will slow the process down.

Swift and successful change management requires that people agree with, or at least understand, the need for change, and to be involved in the planning and implementation of the change.

Vermelho can assist with increasing a sense of urgency for change and building a guiding team with the right people in place with the right emotional commitment, and the right mix of skills. We create change influencers!

Organisational Preparedness

Is your organisation ready for change? Have you got the right systems, tools and processes in place? Do you have a vision for staff to follow?

To involve as many people as possible, you will need to communicate the essentials and to appeal and respond to people's needs. This requires some planning!

Vermelho can help you remove obstacles, enable constructive feedback and encourage support from leaders so that change happens efficiently and happily.