Welcome to Vermelho

We create healthier, happier, resilient people who are ready for leading and participating in change.

We combine contemporary change management principles with tailored resilience and well-being programs, to encourage swift change and resilient teams within your organisation.

Our services include:

Employee engagement

Design and implementation of change management projects

Development of tailored approaches that increase resilience and well-being

Implementing Programs to increase team resilience and trust

Communication strategies

Change readiness and strategy

Executive and Team Coaching

Vermelho changes the language of change within your organisation.

From fatigue to fitness. From resistant to responsive. From waiting for direction to influencing.

Become Change Ready. Maintain Change Agility. Encourage Resilience and Well-being.

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Our Clients

Our clients are from around the world and include large and small not-for-profits and commercial organisations. They have engaged us train staff, create tailored programs and manage projects.