• The best teams have people who are fit to deal with change! 

    This requires the right mindset, the ability to deal with setbacks, and having the right perspectives to keep moving forward. Learn more about how we can help you improve employee mindset.

Improve your mindset so you are ready for change

At Vermelho, we recognise that mindset and resilience are integral parts of change management practice. 

 By combining these approaches, we not only reduce costs in your organisation but also increase productivity and engagement. 


Resilience is not about enduring more. Resilience is about bouncing forward through challenges and setbacks. Employees who enjoy higher levels of resilience are likely to be more responsive, engaged and more productive. Initiatives that increase resilience also help strengthen employee attraction and retention.


The right mindset sets the foundation for defining goals and the effort needed to achieve them.  People who are flexible and resilient are able to maintain a more positive perspective. They worry less about making mistakes, and more about learning and growing. 

Fit for change

Managing change is only as effective as the engagement of employees. The best organisations have people who are responsive to change. Change the language of change within yourself and your team. Move away from the language of change fatigue to having a team that's fit for change!

Consulting Services

We work with our clients to design a unique blend of initiatives that sustain positive change, build leadership strength, and boost mindset and resilience with their teams. 

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We offer custom designed and facilitated workshops that lead to greater insights about mindset and leading change.

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Luisa works with clients to set the stage for positive breakthroughs, sustain positive change, and build their mindset 

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Guest Speaker

Luisa has been sought out from around the world to inspire and motivate teams and individuals with her engaging talks.

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