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    Find links to free resources such as regularly uploaded video blogs.
    You can also see when we are holding our next public webinars, events and workshops and see where Luisa will be speaking next.

Coaching Bytes

A series of coaching videos to use personally or with your team. Each video covers a mindset, change, or resilience topic and provides you with questions to reflect on your own experience. 

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Workshop Menu

We can deliver workshops to your team. Select a workshop from our menu, or request a consultation for us to tailor one for you. 

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Mindset Matters

A series of video blogs with tips and tricks to help your mindset. 

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We occasionally hold webinars and online seminars. You can also request a team webinar or seminar through our booking page.

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Lunch and Learn and Q&A Sessions

Only have a small amount of time? Luisa is available to deliver 30 minute lunch and learn sessions or Q&A's with your team. 

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Posters and Infographics

A series of printable posters and infographics on the following topics:

Staying Positive while Working from Home Poster

Four ways to build resilience Infographic

A winning mindset during a crisis Infographic

How to spread gratitude within your team Poster

The science of gratitude Poster

Set time aside for your learning

One of the biggest barriers to learning is time, particularly when you are focused on delivering top levels of performance. It is  essential that you own your own learning process, manage your professional growth and development.  We offer bite sized learning and some free resources so you can see if Vermelho is the right solution for you.