• All people are resourceful and capable of finding solutions

    We help you find your potential, set goals, and bounce back from setbacks

Helping you tap into your potential

A coach is someone who helps individuals gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, and unlock their potential. A coach acts as a sounding board. They are not counsellors or therapists (although many have these backgrounds) and usually refrain from giving advice or solving their clients' problems. Instead, they ask questions to help you clarify and solve problems.

The starting point for all our coaching at Vermelho is the assertion that people are creative, resourceful and capable of finding answers. We also know that everyone is inherently able to choose a course of action and taking that action.  Coaching with Luisa helps you bounce back when things don't go as planned . 

Luisa offers a range of coaching services. read on to discover what type of coaching is for you. 

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides a confidential and supportive sounding board for leaders. Coaching focuses on asking questions, challenging assumptions, helping you achieve clarity, providing resources, and sometimes provide advice.  It can help you gain self-awareness, and establish development goals. As an Executive Coach, Luisa specialises in leading change and leading teams. She works with clients to set the stage for positive breakthroughs, sustain positive change, and build their mindset strength. 

This type of coaching is for: 

  • High potential leaders
  • Leaders transition into Executive roles
  • Executives looking to work through areas where they may feel stuck or challenged

Luisa coaches Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, National Managers and all levels of Management. 

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Personal Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching enables you to make the necessary shifts and changes to your life to achieve the things you want. This is primarily focused on your mindset and internal world and can help with dealing with change or building resilience.

This type of coaching is for:
  • High achievers who have already reached a certain level of success yet feel you aren’t there yet
  • People who feel stuck on their journey or who are struggling to reach their goals
  • Those with unhelpful or unhealthy habits and behaviours they want to change
  • Anyone who feels the stress and pressure of needing to perform

Luisa coaches marathon runners, triathletes, executives, and all types of ordinary people looking to set and achieve meaningful goals. 

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Team Coaching

Access the combined wisdom, intellect and experience of the entire team.  This is a great way to reduce silo structures and thinking. Team coaching is about maximising the power of the whole team.

This type of coaching is for:
  • Teams who share a similar goal or problem
  • Teams looking to address trust and dysfunction
  • Teams wanting to connect and set goals together

Luisa regularly coaches teams of up to 8 people working in various sectors from private business to community organisations. 

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Change Support Coaching

Change support coaching assists leaders to successfully implement organisational change process.  This assists managers and staff to address a variety of work related challenges.

This type of coaching is for leaders who:
  • Are implementing and supporting the people and cultural change aspects of change
  • Designing and facilitating change management planning, project reviews and close down activities; and training and development activities.

Luisa has worked on change projects focused on culture, restructure, and strategy

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About Luisa Wing

Luisa Wing has a passion for leadership, change, mindset and team resilience and is lucky enough to combine her passions through her work in her practice Vermelho. When she’s not consulting on long-term projects, Luisa is an executive coach and international speaker. She’s lived and worked in multiple countries, presented at conferences in Australia and overseas, and consulted on offshore projects in Cambodia.

Over the last decade, Luisa has led multiple business process reviews, restructures and change projects. She’s been a state and national manager, chief operating officer, chief development officer and chief executive officer and volunteered on three not-for-profit boards. Luisa has been described as having an affinity for developing people and businesses to their highest potential, and was a state finalist in the Australian Institute of Management’s Leadership Excellence Awards in 2017.

As a leader, she’s witnessed how teams who increase their resilience and improve their mindset see better results, suffer less burnout and achieve their organisation’s goals more effectively. These experiences have encouraged Luisa to build her knowledge and skills in these areas, which she’s put to the test through challenging business transformations.

Luisa has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Development Studies (Humanities), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), is a certified Change and Resilience Practitioner and has completed a Specialised Certificate in Positive Psychology. In her spare time, Luisa has a passion for fitness and healthy living, having competed in multiple marathons, half-marathons and one triathlon. She’s also a mindset coach for fellow runners looking to complete their first long-distance race.