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We offer custom designed and facilitated programs for leaders and their teams to gain greater insights and skills.  We work with you to design and facilitate a workshop that specifically meets your needs and use a wide range of facilitation methods and techniques to meet your goals. Typically the types of workshops we design and facilitate include team development in the areas of resilience and mindset, focus groups, project reviews, change support, and team cohesiveness. You can also request a pre-designed workshop to be tailored more specifically for you. 

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We also offer a menu of pre-designed workshops that may meet your needs right away.  
These are typically between 3 hours, 5 hours (Half Day) or 8 hours (Full Day) in length.

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Building resilience is increasingly becoming a necessity for us to meet the challenges we face both personally and professionally. It is now considered a core competency for teams, so that they flourish in today’s complex work environment that is constantly changing and evolving. Resilient workplaces experience more cohesion, less stress and tension, as well as greater productivity. This workshop focuses on how you as an individual can Bounce Forward through Change. 

Duration: Half Day

Leading Change and Ambiguity

The world around us moves so quickly and businesses – and its people - need to respond to this rapidly changing environment. Leaders can't simply 'keep up' – rather they must steer their organisations and teams into the unknown.  This workshop explores how different business realise successful change and transformations. Gain insights and tips on the psychological aspects of change and transformation enabling you to provide effective leadership, both individually and as a team, so that you can enhance employee engagement and resilience.

Duration: Half  to Full Day Options

The Mindset Fitness Workout 

Based on Luisa's Book "The Mindset Fitness Workout: Be fit for success without burning out" this workshop brings together the model provided in the book and gives participants practical workouts to improve their mindset fitness. 

Imagine a world where we paid attention to our mindset fitness as much as we do to our physical fitness. In the same way that neglecting our nutrition and physical exercise can cause health problems, neglecting mindset fitness can cause problems with achieving goals, staying the course, and maintaining resilience when goals seem overwhelming. 

Duration: Full Day

Team Micro and Macro Resilience

Research shows that a team's resilience is only as strong as the person on the team with the least resilience. This workshop gives individuals micro-strategies to boost their resilience daily and macro-strategies to boost team resilience over long periods of time. 

A Two day option is available on this workshop if you would like the second day to focus on team connection and trust. Both are key components of team resilience. 

Duration: Full Day or Two-day Options

Dealing with Change

A short, sharp and useful workshop to help teams deal with the concept of change so that they can make it to the finish line. 

Duration: 3 hours

Resilient Leadership Series

This is a four part series focused on building leadership resilience skills through change. Each part is 3 hours long and can be delivered over consecutive days or spread out over weeks.

Session one: Leading through Change

While governance, procedures and policies are the rules for change, it is important to remember the human side, including the emotions and behaviour that will sustain the change. Learn how to engage people before, during, and after an organisational change effort.

Session Two: Thriving in Ambiguity

Discover how to apply a learning mindset during uncertain times by recognising when teams are overwhelmed and how to lead them through. With a focus on problem solving, you can redefine success and celebrate wins. Understanding communication during ambiguous times will enable greater clarity, focus and empathy with your teams and across the business.

Session Three: Being a Flexible Leader

Adopt a mindset to thrive despite uncertainty and complexity and focus on a small number of high-impact improvement approaches to secure a culture of positive change. Implement small and learn fast through disciplined inquiry and gather and use evidence to guide all phases of improvement work to build the norms and routines of high-impact, fast moving teams.

Session Four: Build personal resilience and foster team resilience

In this final session you will analyse the potential sources of stress in the work environment impacting on yourself and your team and have a range of tools to help teams increase their resilience over short and long-term periods. You will develop strategies to build and maintain resilience in yourself and your team, design approaches to monitor stress levels within a team and understand the difference between Micro and Macro resilience strategies and how to apply them personally and within the business.

Duration: Various 

Building Trust, Connection and Collaboration

Creative and collaborative teamwork will only take place if there is a high level of trust among team members. Trust is the key that allows members of the team to do three things that produce true collaboration. This workshop covers how to build trust and why it is important. 

Duration: Half  to Full Day Options

Lunch and Learns

A lunch and learn session is a 30 minute session over a shared lunch, covering a topic. All of the topics can be done as a weekly series, or you can choose just one or two. 

  • Mindset: Flexibility
  • Mindset: Resilience
  • Mindset: Composition of thoughts
  • Mindset: Strength
  • Leading Change
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Thinking 

Duration: 30 minutes each

Team Coaching

Access the combined wisdom, intellect and experience of the entire team. 

A great way to reduce silo structures and thinking. Team coaching is about maximising the power of the whole team.

Topics include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Resilience
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leading Change

Duration: 1 hour each session