By: Luisa Wing | July 17, 2018

Over the last 18 months of building Vermelho, I have talked about managing change and building resilience in teams a lot! I have interviewed and coached countless team members and their leaders and have read fascinating philosophical and psychological works by Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung, Angela Duckworth, and Ichiro Kishimni and Fumitake Koga. 

I also revisited more well-known works (and old favourites) by Simon Sinek, Patrick Lencioni and Brene Brown (A list of those books is at the end of this post).  This has all been to understand what builds trust in teams so that they engage in change, stay motivated and have resilience through the more challenging times. 

Of course, there are numerous things that I could share with you. ...

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By: Luisa Wing | February 26, 2018

It is true in life that some days bad things happen. Most people, after a period of adjustment, bounce back to their previous level of happiness no matter what happens to them. But some people have a lower level of resilience than others.

This is also true in the workplace, except there is an added complexity. Change and challenges form part of the everyday fabric. And as a leader, not only are you expected to bounce back, but you are expected to bounce forward as you navigate personalities, changing business landscapes, budgets and stay ahead of competitive pressures.

Just think about a leader you have known that doesn’t navigate challenges well. How did they way they behave impact you and your ability to function? 

I’d like to share a...

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By: Luisa Wing | January 10, 2018

 Happy New Year! With an exciting year ahead for Vermelho, I have been reflecting on what topics would be useful for those who follow my posts.  I will therefore be posting a series or two of themed blogs this year. I am extremely passionate about what makes a team more resilient during periods of change, and one key factor is that they have resilient role models. So the first series I will be focusing on is Leadership Resilience. 

With the start of 2018 well underway and the challenges and opportunities of the year in front of us, a topic I have pondered has been discomfort and the impact it has on the decisions leaders make and on their performance.

 It is natural for most people to avoid discomfort. A sim...

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By: Luisa Wing | December 01, 2017

Having just returned from some time off overseas, I have found myself resisting getting back into a productive work routine.  The need to be focused has been a difficult adjustment, and I needed to remind myself that maintaining a calm work life is about good habits and mindfulness.

The question is, are we authentically being mindful while working or is mindfulness just another buzzword we throw around?  The very nature of a busy workplace is ensuring we understand the past and plan for the future.  So how do we actually get to a point of enjoying the present moment at work when our minds are constantly racing with worries and thoughts about things that happened and what needs to happen soon?

Jon Kabat-Zinn is a professor of Me...

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By: Luisa Wing | August 29, 2017

In a world where we spend more time with our colleagues than our families, we often forget the human nature of the people we work with. We all go through periods where we feel low, extra sensitive or energetically drained, yet we expect our teams to put that aside to perform during periods of change and transformation. We tend to focus on change execution and forget that people are, after all, people.

When it comes to the big picture things, most people are pretty good at looking after themselves. They eat, get some sleep, and interact with people around them. But it is often the smaller picture, well-being stuff that is left unattended. Over time, neglecting these smaller picture items can prolong negative feelings, lead to depletion and c...

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