By: Luisa Wing | August 29, 2017

In a world where we spend more time with our colleagues than our families, we often forget the human nature of the people we work with. We all go through periods where we feel low, extra sensitive or energetically drained, yet we expect our teams to put that aside to perform during periods of change and transformation. We tend to focus on change execution and forget that people are, after all, people.

When it comes to the big picture things, most people are pretty good at looking after themselves. They eat, get some sleep, and interact with people around them. But it is often the smaller picture, well-being stuff that is left unattended. Over time, neglecting these smaller picture items can prolong negative feelings, lead to depletion and c...

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By: Luisa Wing | August 14, 2017

Every now and then, I bring myself back to a story written in 2014 by Soup Company Campbell’s CEO. It’s called “The Main Ingredient of Change” and offers a snapshot of the massive change and reform the company went through as they diversified into new markets. I particularly love how honest the story is and how it is still completely relatable a number of years on. (A link to the story is at the end of this article).

Yet I still imagine some of you would ask what a corporate company selling packaged food has in common with the work you are doing. I could talk about how marketing, sustainability, and sales are applicable to all organisations. But simply put, the reason why the key message in the story is so relatable is because of the nature...

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By: Luisa Wing | June 19, 2017

Recently, while looking for a birthday present for a 7 year old, I came across a story book named “The Hugging Tree”. It tells the story of a tree growing on the edge of a steep cliff that fell towards a very rough sea. Through storms and cold winters, the tree manages to hold fast on the side of the cliff. It does this by getting the help of the world around it and the kindness and compassion of a little boy who'd come to visit it. Eventually the tree grows strong, and it is able to hold and shelter others.

I instantly loved the story, because the resilience of the Hugging Tree reminds me of the potential in all of us to thrive, struggle and difficulty. We all know what it is like to hold onto hope, determination and resolve so that we can ...

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By: Luisa Wing | May 31, 2017

Throughout my adult life, I had a passionate dislike for the gym. You could put me on a road and make me run for 4 hours, but I always hated lifting weights. Until 2 years ago, when I joined a gym to improve my running, and met a trainer named Petter. He was by far the most enthusiastic, positive trainer I had ever met. He absolutely LOVED his work and went out of his way to help you learn about your body, give you advice, and even research information that may have been helpful to your training goals.

From his smiling eyes and vibrant energy, it was absolutely clear that Petter enjoyed everything about his job. As a result, I always looked forward to the gym and would even go so far as saying I became obsessed with it. Reflecting on why he...

By: Luisa Wing | May 28, 2017

Innovation, disruption and change are the buzz words in the community sector at the moment and a number of leaders I have spoken are starting to become a little bit tired of the concepts. This is both great news and bad news. It’s positive that the need to innovate and change is at the centre of our attention, yet the normalisation of these words into our everyday business dictionary also means that there are a number of myths emerging about what innovation actually is. 
While we all know that innovation creates value for our clients, one myth is that innovation is all about creating new products or programs. The other is that innovation is something we do outside of our normal day-to-day operations. And the last is that innovation is a...