5 ways to help your team navigate the fear of change

25.02.20 02:54 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

There’s been a lot of movement in the field of change management in the last two years, including the sentiment that “Change management is dead”. For the most part, I agree with the idea that you don’t need a specific methodology or process for change because you can’t truly “manage” change. Especia...

The role of motives and truth in building resilience through change

17.07.18 01:11 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

Over the last 18 months of building Vermelho, I have talked about managing change and building resilience in teams a lot! I have interviewed and coached countless team members and their leaders and have read fascinating philosophical and psychological works by Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung, Angela Duck...

Habits that make you more calm and focused at work

01.12.17 11:06 AM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

Having just returned from some time off overseas, I have found myself resisting getting back into a productive work routine.  The need to be focused has been a difficult adjustment, and I needed to remind myself that maintaining a calm work life is about good habits and mindfulness.

The question...

How to inspire courage through disruptive change

14.08.17 12:45 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

Every now and then, I bring myself back to a story written in 2014 by Soup Company Campbell’s CEO. It’s called “The Main Ingredient of Change” and offers a snapshot of the massive change and reform the company went through as they diversified into new markets. I particularly love how honest the stor...

A Story about Resilience (or 9 things your team could be doing to deal with stress and change)

19.06.17 02:51 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

Recently, while looking for a birthday present for a 7 year old, I came across a story book named “The Hugging Tree”. It tells the story of a tree growing on the edge of a steep cliff that fell towards a very rough sea. Through storms and cold winters, the tree manages to hold fast on the side of th...