When High Achievers Get Stuck

16.03.20 05:30 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)
Many high achievers are great at setting goals. On the outside, they appear invincible, strong, dependable, powerful and successful. Somewhat like superheroes. They set goals and smash them, making it all seem effortless. High achievers seem to be able to accomplish more in a day than the rest of us...

Mindset Matters Part 2

29.01.20 07:43 AM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

In Mindset Matters Part 1, I discussed the definition of a growth mindset and why it is essential for you and your business. But how can you practice it? Here are a few tips.

Implementing a Growth Mindset daily

1.Your whole goal is not to quit or at least persist for longer
Having a growth mindset is a...

Three mindset shifts your people will need for the future of work

22.01.20 07:19 AM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

The nature of work has already fundamentally changed, yet I am still seeing leaders and teams operate like it’s 2002. A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute predicted that by 2030 roughly 14% of the global workforce might need to switch occupational categories. Seventy-five million to 3...

A Mindset Fitness Workout Model: Keeping our mindsets fit to see goals through

24.09.19 01:58 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

All of us have experience with goal setting. Some only with the ubiquitous “New year’s Resolution” but many of us use goal-setting processes effectively throughout the year, to try to focus efforts and increase personal performance. Naturally, businesses use strategic goals and KPI’s to propel their...

Mindset Matters (Part 1): A growth mindset

16.08.19 04:59 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

In 2014, I decided to start running. I’m not talking just 2Km jogging down the street. I’m talking marathons. How hard could it be? I just needed to get fit, run a little longer each week, and there you go, right? To clarify, I had NEVER run anywhere in my adult life. What I soon learned was that al...