Just how resilient are you?

26.02.18 05:48 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

It is true in life that some days bad things happen. Most people, after a period of adjustment, bounce back to their previous level of happiness no matter what happens to them. But some people have a lower level of resilience than others.

This is also true in the workplace, except there is an added ...

Leadership Resilience Series: Staying Comfortable with Discomfort

10.01.18 03:23 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

 Happy New Year! With an exciting year ahead for Vermelho, I have been reflecting on what topics would be useful for those who follow my posts.  I will therefore be posting a series or two of themed blogs this year. I am extremely passionate about what makes a team more resilient during pe...

10 Questions that Encourage Self-Care at Work

29.08.17 02:49 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

In a world where we spend more time with our colleagues than our families, we often forget the human nature of the people we work with. We all go through periods where we feel low, extra sensitive or energetically drained, yet we expect our teams to put that aside to perform during periods of change...