Mindset Matters Part 2

29.01.20 07:43 AM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

In Mindset Matters Part 1, I discussed the definition of a growth mindset and why it is essential for you and your business. But how can you practice it? Here are a few tips.

Implementing a Growth Mindset daily

1.Your whole goal is not to quit or at least persist for longer
Having a growth mindset is a...

Three mindset shifts your people will need for the future of work

22.01.20 07:19 AM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

The nature of work has already fundamentally changed, yet I am still seeing leaders and teams operate like it’s 2002. A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute predicted that by 2030 roughly 14% of the global workforce might need to switch occupational categories. Seventy-five million to 3...

A Mindset Fitness Workout Model: Keeping our mindsets fit to see goals through

24.09.19 01:58 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

All of us have experience with goal setting. Some only with the ubiquitous “New year’s Resolution” but many of us use goal-setting processes effectively throughout the year, to try to focus efforts and increase personal performance. Naturally, businesses use strategic goals and KPI’s to propel their...

Mindset Matters (Part 1): A growth mindset

16.08.19 04:59 PM By Luisa Wing - Comment(s)

In 2014, I decided to start running. I’m not talking just 2Km jogging down the street. I’m talking marathons. How hard could it be? I just needed to get fit, run a little longer each week, and there you go, right? To clarify, I had NEVER run anywhere in my adult life. What I soon learned was that al...