Resilience and Mindset

Change management is only as effective as the engagement of employees. An employer’s efforts to engage can also influence well-being.  The best organisations have people who are responsive to change and are fit to deal with change!

Employees who enjoy higher levels of resilience and well-being are likely to be more responsive, engaged and more productive. Initiatives that increase well-being also help strengthen employee attraction and retention.

Having a growth mindset sets the foundation for defining goals and the effort needed to achieve them. People with a growth mindset achieve more because of their perspective. They worry less about looking silly and making mistakes, and more about learning. 

They allow their minds to look for more opportunities to ‘grow’.

There is a strong Business Case for resilience and a growth mindset. Businesses grow and evolve as their employees do. If employees are encouraged to pursue learning and growth, it follows that the organisation should be quick to evolve as well.

At Vermelho, we recognise that employee mindset and resilience  is an integral part of change management practice. And that is why we tailor strategic and integrated approaches to increase resilience and well-being, coupled with effective change management programs.

 By coupling these two approaches, we not only reduce costs in your organisation but also increase productivity and engagement.